Let's Be Honest About Sin!

We don't talk much about sin anymore. It's no big deal. In the past Christians hated feared it, fled from it, and grieved over it The truth is, we need a new way of looking at our sin; a new understanding of it. All sin involves denial! One of the worst things bout sin is that it carries with it a certain moral myopia--nearsightedness. We need a new lens. We need to begin to see our sin through the eyes of the One we've sinned against. David prayed, Against thee...have I sinned"

One Christian college professor got honest and put it like this: "I'm nice to my students respectful to my colleagues, love my family, don't steal, commit adultery use drugs or swear, and I floss regularly! But when I look at myself honestly I see that I harbor bitterness, hoard my time and resent others intruding on me. I'm vain and consumed with how others perceive me. I wrestle with my sexuality and have strayed with my eyes and my heart. I pretend to listen but I don't. I think more about being great than being good. I act more spiritual than I am. I'm a mess--broken in every way--and my only hope is God's mercy."

A realization of our sinfulness can begin as a gentle nudge, or knock us down with hurricane-force. What's important is how we respond. Regardless of how often we've fallen, God offers us cleansing and a chance to begin again--if we're willing to acknowledge our sin and receive forgiveness.

From "The Word for You Today"