Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?

by James R. Spencer
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Written by former Mormon Elder Jim Spencer, Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? is an insightful guide for sharing the Gospel with Mormons. Its detailed information and specific strategies will help you speak convincingly to Mormons about the errors of their religion and lead them to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Special Note: We transferred this book from print to Internet the old fashioned way—one letter at a time. Doubtless we have introduced some errors. Please email me and I will immediately make the corrections—Jim Spencer

Chapter One—Talking to Mormons
Chapter Two—The Special Problems Talking to Mormons
Chapter Three—Beginnings
Chapter Four—Preparing for the Encounter
Chapter Five—Opening the Dialogue
Chapter Six—Encountering the Three Mormon Types
Chapter Seven—Expanding the Encounter
Chapter Eight—The Nature of God
Chapter Nine—Revelation
Chapter Ten—The Book of Mormon
Chapter Eleven—How to Answer Mormon Questions
Chapter Twelve—Some Topics You Should Understand
Chapter Thirteen—The Mormon Family
Chapter Fourteen—Encountering Mormon Salvation Theology
Chapter Fifteen—New Hope in Dealing with Mormonism
Chapter Sixteen—How to Resign from the Mormon Church
Appendix A—The Book of Mormon and the Nature of God
Appendix B—Brigham H. Roberts: The Mormon Giant Who Lost Confidence in the Book of Mormon
Appendix C—Solomon Spaldings Manuscript and the Book of Mormon
Appendix D—Psychological "Snapping in the Cults