Pentecostal Evangel
March 14, 1993
P 31,
Book Review

Hard Case Witnessing Winning "Impossibles" for Christ.

James R. Spencer (204 pages, paperback: Chosen Books)

This book gives specific advice on how to witness to three groups of people–secularists (atheists), those involved in the occult, and cult members.

Spencer provides a concise history of the roots of these groups, tracing them to Old Testament times. Valuable background information is given to help the reader understand the mind-set and value system of each group of hard-case prospects.

Evolution is the foundation for the secularist’s world view. By addressing the weaknesses of evolution, the author indicates the potential for breaking through the delusion of the secularist. If he abandons evolution, he will be forced to consider the only other option–God the Creator.

The greatest challenge faced in witnessing to those in the occult (including the New Age movement) is to unmask the devil and reveal his true involvement in their belief system. The author gives excellent questions to use in witnessing to those in the occult. His evaluations of accupuncture, hypnotism, and subliminal perception are helpful.

The book is very readable–easily understood but not simplistic. Discussion questions provide the option to use this in an adult elective class.

The author illustrates the miraculous revelations that often follow the apologetic work done in witnessing to these hard-case prospects. The book is well worth the time invested in reading it.

Dave Batty
Teen challenge training coordinator
Springfield, MO