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7—The New Name

After being washed, anointed, and clothed in my temple garment, I received my "new name." This name was never to be revealed to another (mine was Joseph). Mormons suspect that the Mormon Jesus will use the new name to call them up from the grave on the Morning of the First Resurrection. Nevertheless, the husband is permitted to know his wife’s new name, and I learned my wife’s (Joan), so I could call her up from the grave.

When someone is initiated into a mystery cult, it is common practice to give them a new, secret name. Names are felt to have power over the object named: if you know someone’s name, you have power over that person. Magick groups and covens give their candidates secret names to represent a new spiritual identity. Secrecy protects your new status and power. (20)

Secret names thus have a profound implication for the LDS wife. She does not know her husband’s name but he knows hers; she, therefore, is cast in an inferior role in a very real, occult sense. Having her "new" name, he magickally "possesses" her spirit, her essence. This gives the LDS wife no "spiritual space" of her own. She is like a butterfly trapped in the jar of her husband’s secret knowledge.

No wonder so many LDS women are nervous wrecks; the challenges of trying to be a "perfect" mother in Zion to too many children, and the oppression of being in occult bondage to her husband is enough to make them crack. This is the humiliating magickal legacy of the "patriarchal order."

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