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6—Origins of the Temple Ceremony

Mormon temple rites are often nearly identical to Wiccan ceremonies; just as LDS concepts like "eternal marriage," plural marriage, and evolution to godhead are borrowed from witchcraft. Often exact wording is duplicated in the ceremonies of Mormonism, Magick and Masonry.

Ample evidence exists to prove that Joseph Smith stole the temple endowment from Masonry or witchcraft, both of which pre-date Mormonism. Serious scholars date the beginnings of speculative Masonry to 1717. (14) Many of the Mormon temple grips and tokens are absolutely identical to Wicca and Masonry. (See various charts).

Consider the following evidence connecting Mormonism to Masonry:

1) The Masonic Legend of Enoch (that Enoch was led to find gold and brass plates containing ancient records in a hillside vault which is taught in the 13th, 14th, and 21st degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) was available to Joseph Smith in his youth. (15)

2) Hyrum Smith (JosephÕs brother) received his three Masonic degrees in Mt. Moriah Lodge #112 of Palmyra, NY, about the same time that Joseph was supposedly receiving visions and visits from God and angels. (16)

3) Official LDS church history informs us that Joseph Smith was made a Master Mason on Wednesday, March 16, 1842. (17) Under a subsection entitled "Inauguration of Endowment Ceremonies," Smith informs us that he first taught the Endowment to the LDS apostles on Wednesday, May 4, 1842; less than two months after receiving his Master Mason degree. (18)

4) In Scottish rite Freemasonry, men are anointed priests after the Order of Melchizedek. (19th degree-sovereign Pontiff).

5) The secret handshakes and rituals taught in the Mormon temple are in many cases identical to those of Freemasonry.

6) The Five Points of Fellowship—a body stance initiates assume in the temple when receiving the Name of the Second Token of Melchizedek Priesthood—is utterly identical to the Five Points of Fellowship with which an initiate receives the ultimate secret of 3rd degree, Blue Lodge Masonry. (18A)

These similarities are enough to convict Joseph Smith of plagiarism. To this day, some Masonic scholars consider Mormon temples to be clandestine (illegally constituted) Masonic lodges. (19)

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