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Temple of Doom

The Mormon temple is the spiritual focal point for devout Latter-day Saints. In the temple Mormons are married, their dead are sanctified, and their children are sealed to them for "time and eternity." The most bizarre and distinctive doctrines of the LDS Church are revealed in the temple ceremony. But even though the temple is revered as the holiest Mormon experience, a curious ambivalence about it plagues many Mormons – a mixture of love and dread.

Interestingly enough, a majority of Mormons never go through the temple, and a majority of those who do never return: less than 25% of all Mormons ever go to the temple at all and less than half ever return. Only about 6% of the LDS people attend the temple regularly, even though most live within easy driving distance of a temple.

I think these statistics result from the fact that many Mormons are uncomfortable with the temple ceremony. I believe Mormon temple participants are reacting – in their spirits – to the temple rites themselves, which are actually occult ceremonies. Those who participate in temple ceremonies unwittingly involve themselves in pagan worship rites which can cause spiritual – and sometimes physical – harm to the participant.

The tragedy is that the people, themselves, are unaware of their occult involvement. They are merely faithfully following their leaders. These people are victims. They are totally unprepared for the baroque, Luciferian temple endowment.

Even though some Mormons attend temple preparation classes, they are told nothing about the actual temple rites. Upon entering the temple itself, they are plunged into strange surroundings and ceremonies and expected to swear oaths about secrets and rites of which they are totally ignorant.

One of two things happens: either they submit themselves, in blind obedience, to the Church and, therefore, to the temple experience, or they never return, secretly relegating the temple ceremony to a realm of unhappy, frustrating and best forgotten experience. Those who make the decision to accept the temple rites and incorporate this new experience into their lives, do so at incalculable cost to their souls.

Do I exaggerate? Are the ceremonies really that sinister? How dangerous are they to one’s spiritual health? Can we believe that these rites are actually of Satanic origin?

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