I want to thank you for taking the time to compair Jeff's teaching with the Word of God, I read the response of one of the reader and I must say I agree completely.

I was "A close personal friend" as well as a participant in the ministry of Way of eagle ministries for about 3 years. When Jeff first really started Way of an Eagle and Reveal 2 he was on the right track but it just became so apparent that he was listening to the people around him more than he was listening to God. I know this personally since I was involved in the inner workings of building the Reveal 2 Dream Interpretation Center and I know Jeff very well and I can tell you WATCH OUT.

I noticed in his response to you that he mentioned that someone has called him a Heretic publicly and I thought to myself someone with all his "SO CALLED KNOWLEDGE" he must have forgotten the concept of reaping what you sow.

Jeff has a reputation for "Calling People Out" or " Reading The Mail" but from my own personal experience with him I can tell you that about 99% of mail getting read is straight from the mouths of other people and not God.

Well Thanks again for your insight and may God bless you and keep you.