Note: The woman who wrote this letter was reluctant to allow me to post it here because she worried that it could cause problems within her family. I asked her to reconsider because I think it contains important information. I'm grateful that after praying about it she let me allow you to see it.
Dear Mr. Spencer,

I just wanted to email you and tell you how much I appreciate your research into Jeff Weeden's teachings. My husband has been "wrapped" up in this deception for over a year now. He goes a couple times a week to a home based bible study group being led by a very charismatic person who has literally "brainwashed" my husband. It has torn our relationship apart.

We have been married for twenty five yrs. and have three wonderful children, but Mr. Spencer, I don't know how much longer I can take this. Everyone that isn't following Jeff Weeden's message is considered "someone who just can't perceive." I have debated hour upon hour with my husband to no avail. I must tell you, he was raised Pentecostal and his family and myself still attend our local Pentecostal Church. His Bible study group, which is about 6-8 people, raised enough money to fly Jeff Weeden here last year and I met him personally. He came to my house for a bible study with my husband's group. I told my husband that I would not attend, but after a second thought, I decided I would stay and listen. It wasn't five minutes into the meeting that the whole group started making fun of Pentecostals. I asked them why they were doing this and thier reply was...Quote..." We were all raised up in that ____ and we have a right to say what we want to about the Pentecostals. You weren't raised in it so you don't know how it was." So after they realized that I still attended the Pentecostal Church, no one even said another word to me. They were extremely rude.

I have so many questions about their teachings, but no one will answer me. Of course you know they teach that Jesus never walked in the flesh on the earth, and their was no physical birth of Jesus and no physical resurrection. When I question them about this, they just say I can't perceive it unless I come to their Bible study and learn from the beginning. Mr. Spencer, I am strong in my beliefs about God and I have no desire to go to their Bible study.

Anytime my husband has a dream, he runs to this bible study leader to get him to interpret it. It seems like my husband can no longer do anything on his own anymore. He always has to ask the leader first. It has been a terrible drain on me. I do pray about it everyday and I know my prayers will be answered and my husbands' eyes will be opened to the truth. That's another thing, as far as I can tell, [these people] don't pray either. It's just such deception

Thank goodness for people like you who care and can research things like this. Your paper on Jeff Weeden's teachings was exactly what I needed to read. I did print it out and asked my husband to read it. He did, but didn't have any comment. My guess is that he couldn't argue with any of it.

Thank you for listening to me. Please don't put this on your website. It would only cause more strife between my husband and me if he was to see this. Again, thank you so much for what you have done. I do wish I had more ammunition to use against Jeff Weeden. I just have faith that God will somehow put an end to this deception and it will eventually be brought down.

Thank you for listening to me and please keep doing what you are doing.