The Pentagram or pentacle is probably the most recognized symbol of witchcraft and Satanism. This symbol is worn as jewelry (known as an amulet) or painted on the floor of a building where the Black Mass or other rituals are performed.

Don't mistake this for a simple star. Those appear higher on the temple walls. The pentagram is not a mistaken star, it is a symbol placed with knowlege and deliberation. It appears elsewhere in Mormon architecture:

Pentagram on the east door of the Salt Lake City temple.

Pentagrams on the original Nauvoo Illionois temple

On the Logan, Utah temple

On the "Eagle Gate" in downtown Salt Lake City

As we look at the use of the pentagram in Mormon architecture we wonder if they really know what they are doing. A partial answer may be found on the Museum of Church History in Salt Lake, located directly across the street from the temple. Carved in granite on the front of the building is not only a replica of the pentagrams on the temple, but--right beside it--is an engraved pentacle. It is as though the Mormon Church is thumbing its nose at the world. It is "show and tell." The revelation is chilling.