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Questions Evangelicals Should Ask Mitt Romney

The Problematic Presidential Campaign of Mitt Romney, currently Governor of Massachusetts.

by James R. Spencer

I have never made a political candidate's religion the number one priority when trying to figure out who to vote for. I tend to be conservative politically. So, I would probably vote for Joe Lieberman, a Jew, before I would vote for Jimmy Carter, who claims to be a born again Christian. I am not anti-Mormon, but I am anti-Mormonism. I hope you have the ability to discern between those two positions.

But there is at least one thing that bothers me about Mitt Romney, and that is his apparent inability to keep his thoughts straight on important matters. You can get a good idea of by reading the sidebar article by Bryan Fischer.

The second thing that bothers me are his statements on polygamy. (Quoted from an artcle at Examiner.com):

"It bothers me no end that the term polygamy keeps being associated with my faith," says Romney, the governor of Massachusetts, in an interview with The Examiner. "There is nothing more awful, in my view, than the violation of the marriage covenant that one has with one's wife.
      "The practice of polygamy is abhorrent, it's awful, and it drives me nuts that people who are polygamists keep pretending to use the umbrella of my church," he adds in his ornate office at the State House. "My church abhors it, it excommunicates people who practice it, and it's got nothing to do with my faith."
Romney thinks polygamy is abhorrent?????
Wow! Governor Romney thinks polygamy is abhorrent, awful, and the worst sort of violation of marriage he can think of! So, does he think that the polygamy of his great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, was abhorrent? Miles Romney had five wives. Every prominent Mormon from 1850 until the end of the Nineteenth Century had plural wives. They believed they could not "become Gods" unless the practiced polygamy.According to their beloved Brigham Young, the Mormon Church would never give up polygamy. And Mormon Apostle and scholar Bruce R. McConckie said Mormon Polygamy will be reinstated immediately after Christ returns to the earth in the Second Coming.

Romney thinks polygamy has nothing to do with his church?????
Second, he says his church abhors it and it has nothing to do with his faith. Nothing to do with his church nor his faith? How can that be, seeing that the 50,000 polygamists in the West all claim they practice it only because the Mormon Church sanctified it as "The New and Everlasting Covenant" given to their Founder, Joseph Smith, Jr., by God himself? The command to every living Latter-day Saint to practice polygamy is—to this day— enshrined in Mormon scripture.

The Mormon Church has never Renounced Polygamy!
This is a subtle, but very important distinction:
The Mormon Church stopped sealing polygamous marriages in 1890 because it was forced to do so by the federal government, but has never renounced nor denounced the practice. In other words, the Mormon hierarchy believes polygamy was, indeed, given by God, but that the busy-body federal government harrassed the Church until it suspended the practice. If you read the text of the document Mormon Church President Wilford Woodruff signed that becomes clear.

Brief overview of what led up to the suspension of polygamy in 1890

Wikipedia Article on the Manifesto

Official Text of the so-called "manifesto" on polygamy.

It is a fantastic deception when Mitt Romney says publicly that polygamy is abhorrent and has nothing to do with his church.

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