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1830 Book of Mormon Comparison Machine

For most of the LDS church's 150 year history, church leaders staunchly maintained that no significant changes have been made in the Book of Mormon. Indeed, Mormon Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Joseph Fielding Smith stated in 1961 that:

"...there was not one thing in the Book of Mormon or in the second edition or in any other edition since that in any way contradicts the first edition . . . there was no change of doctrine. Now, these sons of Belial who circulate these reports evidently know better. I will not use the word that is in my mind."The Improvement Era, Dec.1961, pp.924-925.

In reality, at least 4,000 changes have been made to the Book of Mormon; not all of them are minor. Changes include profound doctrinal changes, correction of silly sentence construction, and correction of factual statements.

The Book of Mormon Comparison Machine allows you to see these changes side by side. Important changes are in red. [We have divided the 1830 version into chapters and verses to make the comparisons easier to followl.

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