Dear James,

Thank you so much for sending me your books, including Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? They have been very helpful to me, and really "opened my eyes."

Ron Reed [of Lifetime Radio] had forwarded my letter to you. I am the woman who had recently been baptized (or converted) into the LDS Church. Since reading the materials you and Mr. Reed sent me, I have left the LDS Church, and have had many troubling thoughts and questions.

If you could put me in touch with any ex-Mormon "support groups" or let me know about ways I can help either Christians or Mormons to deal with the many problems and issues involved I would appreciate it. I really feel inspired to be of service and do something in this area!

I have a strong interest in writing, religion, psychology, helping others, and I am a Christian. I am finishing my6 BA in English and plan to eventually pursue graduate work in psychology.

Thanks, and may God bless you.

Tanya-- [Eugene, Oregon]

p. s. I've experienced depression and feelings of loss and helplessness since coming to grips with the truth (after the confusion cleared). But I have been reassured in my faith and about my personal salvation. Now I just want to help others with this and related issues, insofar as I am capable.

I am also wondering who far Christians should go in our friendships and affiliations with Mormons. Is it dangerous to pursue friendships with them? I feel I must try to witness to them and be there for my Mormon friends when they are ready to talk to me.