Dear Jim,

I should have written you sooner, but I was waiting to be able to send a love gift. Here is my praise report.

I met you in Medford, Or a few months ago. You gave me a video, "The Mormon dilemma," to show to my niece. She was dating a Mormon.

I showed the tape to her family and she decided not to become a Mormon. I then invited the Mormon missionaries who had been proselytizing her to watch the video. They came over and we were able to show the whole video to them. I could feel the presence of the Holy spirit as you witnessed to the "video Mormons" on the tape. The missionaries were quiet during that section. I knew god was speaking to their hearts.

I called the leader the next day and he told me he was being transferred to Roseburg the next day. I wonder if it was because he watched the video. He admitted his partner was having doubts. We had met before and I gave them material on the Book of Abraham, etc.

Also, a lady from my church borrowed the video and showed it to her daughter who is dating a Mormon missionary. She has since bought a video from you to show the missionary. And an ex-Mormon from my Church was having doubts. So an Elder and myself showed it to him. It strengthened his faith in the true Jesus. He said it was all he needed. I also intend to show it to two more Mormons I have known. I am praying for them now. Thanks for the tape.

Robert- -Roseburg, Oregon