Dear Mr. Spencer,

I want to thank you for your wonderful ministry. I read in one of your newsletters that a Christian minister didn’t care for your style of preaching. Apparently he felt you were too hard? Should be nicer. He obviously is clueless about the hardness of Mormonism! Don’t listen to him, he is naïve about what you deal with.

A Christian minister lead my husband and I through the "sinner’s prayer." My husband got it and received Christ. I had no idea what I was praying. That minister sent me home with a copy of Beyond Mormonism. It was exactly your "style" that penetrated the veil of darkness and pulled me into the light. By reading your book, I understood salvation and how to receive Christ. I will never forget kneeling before my Lord and pleading with Him to come into my heart, after I read how to do it in your book. It took you and your style to help deliver me from the clutches of hell! I thank you for that! Don’t change. Mormons everywhere need you.

The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to lead my oldest son to Christ. He in turn, lead his younger brother to Christ. My boys are five and ten years old. We are grateful for your and your ministry.


In Christ,




Lisa R Wiggins