Dear Mr. Spencer:

I just finished reading your book Hard Case Witnessing: Winning "Impossibles" for Christ. Thank you so much for writing it. Several times I just stopped reading and started praying. I thanked God over and over for protecting me all these 66 years. I have been exposed to so much that you mentioned, since I was a child and somehow I always knew to stay away from it, whether hypnosis, psychology (my college major) or New Age thinking. Your book could have saved me a lot of lost sleep, had I read it years ago.

I started a prison ministry 12 years ago when my son was in prison. I just kept growing and still is. I get many questions from inmates and your book has been a great help. Please put me on your mailing list and may I put you on mine?

I especially like the part where you sought the approval of several God-fearing men before you went forward. I believe we really need one another always for checks and balances. If we ever get afraid of others godly wisdom, we need to take another look at ourselves. Everything I write is open for inspection to all godly people and I gratefully accept any feedback. . . .

I send 2,000 newsletters into over 230 prisons all over the United States. I want them always to stay pure and trustworthy, so God will not be embarrassed.

Thanks again,




Thank you so much for your very kind letter. I pray that God will continue to use you in distributing your newsletter to prisoners. I think may Christians forget how often God's word tells us to remember the prisoner. Faithful people like you who labor among the lowly and lost are very close to God's heart.

Your attitude of sensitivity to criticism is to be envied by every minister.

I am sending you ten of my books, Hard Case Witnessing: Winning "Impossibles" for Christ. Perhaps you can distribute them to prisoners who would like to read them.

Do not grow weary in well doing.