One more thought.

We who love Christ are the true Sabbath keepers. For the Sabbath is not a day, it is a "new and living way." It is a day of rest, and it is today. It is when we cease from our labors and live a life hid up with Christ in God. The legalists always miss the spirit of the law and only go to the law, which killeth.

Love, for the legalist, is _doing_ acts. Love for the True Christian _are_ acts flowing from a heart changed by the love of God.

Purity for the legalist means not committing adultery. For the True Christian it is to look upon young women "with all purity." (Titus 5:2)

No human can come to the law without coming through Christ. To do so reduces God's communication to us into rules and regulations. Passing through Christ makes the law into Grace.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry