I was raised Mormon but have been inactive for years, I am questioning everything! I miss going to a church, I have so many questions, how do I know which church to go to? I was misled for so many years!



On which church to go to, remember that among nonMormon churches there is much agreement, contrary to what Mormonism would like you to believe. I could, for example, be comfortable in any number of Christian churches. There are a few: Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and a handful of others that have so distorted the Bible account that they place themselves outside the orthodox boundaries of Christianity. And, there are some individual churches within the so-called "liberal" churches which have done the same thing.

The bottom line issues are:
What is the nature of God; what is the nature of man; and what is the cure for sin. On those issues, the vast majority of Christian denominations are in absolute agreement. The answers are, 1) God is totally unique in all the Universe and the Creator of it, actively engaged in the lives of His creation; 2) Man is hopelessly selfish, fallen, and prone to sin, and unable--by his own striving--to fix himself; 3) God took human flesh upon Himself in Jesus Christ and paid the price for sin if man will accept, through faith, His sacrifice.

There are lots of secondary differences about baptism, Holy Communion, and other doctrinal issues. But the essentials are clear. We have a saying: "In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, charity."

I am sending you a packet of information.

Please keep me posted on your progress and feel freed to ask me any questions.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry