I was raised in the Assemblys of God Church and still remain in this church. My husband is of a Mormon famiy (his father is Mormon). I have tried to explain to him that the Mormon Church is wrong and that what they believe is wrong. He makes me go to his church , but I don't like was is said in that church. He puts down my church and says that the Mormon Church is right.

How can I help him to understand more about the church he goes to. I didn't get to get married in my church, but was married in the office of his church in the state of Oregon. I don't know if that was wrong to do. I was afiaed that they would make me belong to their church and I do not want that. When I want to go to my church he sometimes gets mad becuase he realy doesn't want to go there. I do not know how witness to him. Do you have any ideas I could say to him?

Thank you for reading my email.

God Bless



You may not like what I am going to say to you. The answer is that you must first stand up to your husband and demand that in America everyone has freedom to worship God as they please. (One of Mormonism's own Articles of Faith affirms that).

You cannot continue to put your husband before God.

You need to tell him that you are not going to go to the Mormon Church and that you are going to go to your own church. If there are children you must insist that they at least go with you half the time.

I understand your dilemma and pray that you will have the courage to work your way through it.

You are yoked to an unbeliever, and you are stuck with that. But you do not have to submit to his ungodly demands.

Jim Spencer Through the Maze Ministry jim@BeyondMormonism.com Jim