I Just wanted to thank you for the book, Beyond Mormonism. My long time boyfriend is Mormon and I am Lutheran and as we have recently left home and gone to college, I have been free to examine and immerse myself in his religion. I went to church with him and even currently attend a Book of Mormon study class at the institute twice a week, yet I just didn't know what to think of it all. I met with the missionaries 4 times in an effort to learn more about the real church becauase my boyfriend didn't have all of the answers and recomended talking to the missionaries on campus

When stumped he turnes to his testimony of the true church which I wasn't sure what to think of either. I tryed researching but it seemed that for every discrepancy I found in the Mormon church, there was some excuse or twisted reasoning that made it ok. I finally was searching on the internet and found your book. I started reading and couldn't stop! I could relate to so many of your questions and feelings and all of the searching and researching that I was trying to do,I found annswers to right here in this book. It made my search for the truth so much easier and clear

My only prayer now is that my boyfriend who is the second youngest of 10 children, 8 of them married with 20 children between them, all practicing and strong Mormons, will come to see the light one day. I do not expect him to for it would mean disownment from his entire family which is so drastically important to him. Is there any way to approach someone like this in an appropriate way? I know it will take time but I really truly love him although he has made it clear that he would not marry unless it was in the temple with a worthy mormon girl. It has been his dream since childhood he has told me. Any help would be appreciated. And thank you again for sharing your story, it has truly touched me and changed me as well as strengthened my faith and relationship with God.



Well, as you know, there are no easy answers. I am putting you on my newsletter mailing list. Best I can offer is that you study, pray, and look for a real opening.

I find that people can't be forced into being ready for Christ. Seems like that is the work of the Holy Spirit. Howecer, a constant, loving testimony, along with straight answers is the best formula.