Dear Jim,

I wanted to thank you for your all the things on this wonderful website. Im currently 16, but I was converted when i was 12. The religion was pushed on to me and eventually it was somehow engraved into my mind that it was "the only true church." After I moved from Arziona to Washington, my views on the church drastically changed. I'd always been used to such nice members, but in my new ward, the people were very judgmental, to the point that I couldn't stand being there. They've constantly made rude comments to my mom, because shes divorced, and to me for questioning many of the teachings

A while back, I went to Girls Camp for the Church, and everything on "spiritual night" was concerning motherhood and getting married in the temple. I was asked what temple I wanted to be married in, and when I told them that I didnt agree with the temple or the garments you must wear 24/7, many of the leaders became hostile towards me afterward. To me, women are not valued in the LDS church, we are simply baby-makers; housewives without dreams or power. Every lesson taught in my Young Womens class have been on marriage, marriage in the temple, being a mother, and choosing a worthy husband. I refuse to believe that God's purpose for me is to create an ever-expanding family.

Also, I dont know if you've been emailed on this before, but at Girls Camp, we were also told by a bishop that we must confess all of our sins to the bishop of our ward. The funny thing was, is that the only sins he mentioned wanting us to confess, and I quote, "Whether youre having trouble with masturbation, pornography, or any other sexual sins, come and talk to us, were willing to help with these things". I'm sorry, but this is not at all appropriate to discuss with young girls, especially from an older man.

Im so glad you have this page, where im able to back up my thoughts with proof. I was very surprised to learn about the different markings on the temple, and to see the pictures. Ive never been there myself, and now im positive ill never care to go. Everything's been so eye-opening, and has helped me keep sight of God and his great plan, mainly that it doesn't concern being Mormon anymore.

Thank you for your time,
and for everythig here,

Sincerely, Jessica


Thank you for a very well thought-out, concise, and insightful letter.  Obviously you are going to be very bright light as an adult!

I had not heard about the sexual stuff at Girls' Camp, but I am not the least bit surprised.  Sex is a big, big part of Mormonism.

I'm glad my page helped.  Email me from time to time.

God's richest blessings on you and your Mom.  She must be very proud of you.

I am putting your letter on my web site.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry

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