Thank you for your most inspiring and revealing book.It is extremely well written. As a seasoned copy writer I can find no fault with it. I know two Mormon families rather well. I can tell you that they maintain a facade of family solidarity and it's a complete lie. The men are abusers. I had to make the one guy stop terrifying his little girl with insane verbal abuse the whole neighborhood could hear. She grew up to hate him and hate herself. Their women won't go to the elders for counseling out of fear and embarrassment. This guy, a Ph.D, is hooked on porn and his kids know it. He won't even call for help when his beautiful, intelligent wife goes into a diabetic coma. The daughter has to help her mother. She was taught what to do by a neighbor. The wife has been known to say that her husband is "satan incarnate." Yet Mormonism has a death grip on them and they keep up the pretense.



I hear you. And, of course, I hear this all too often. Nothing seems to wake them up.