Just wanted to let you know that your site gave me the strength to tell my parents I was no longer in the church and in the process of getting my name removed. I voiced some of my questions and concerns about the church to back me up. It was awful and my mother was furious. She let me know that my decision to not have my daughter baptized was all on my head. I was an apostate and would be living in outer darkness for eternity. My family would suffer because of me. She wanted me to read the BOM again and pray and then if I wanted to make that decision, it was between me and the Lord.

I try to please people and doing this to my parents about killed me. I told her that I hate their disappointment, but I had to be true to myself and if it would cause us to drift apart then I was sorry. I received emails daily from both of my parents with their testimonies for a few weeks after. We didn't drift apart however, and never talked about it again after that until a few weeks ago. My mom emailed me and told me that by telling her about my questions and concerns, she realized a lot of them were the same as hers. She couldn't get answers to any of them from anyone in the church. She and my dad have left the church.

These were people who paid tithing, attended the temple monthly, held high positions in the church. They were part of the 10% who did everything they were told and were worthy in every way. My mother was born and raised in SLC and a member for her entire life. If I hadn't been bold enough to come out with the truth, the ball wouldn't have started rolling in the right direction. Your ministry is what gave me the courage to really study the church and you have blessed my life very much. You have also blessed my family very much. I am still in shock over all of this, but in a good way. I could of never imagined my parents doing this. They are having a hard time because they live in a highly populated LDS community and all of their previous friends were LDS.

I told my mother about your website and she said she will look it up.

Sorry for the lenghty message, but I just wanted to thank you again.

You're awesome!



What can I say! What a story!

I want to post it on my web site if that is OK. I won't use your last name or anything that could identify you.

Tell your folks, Hi for me.

Again, I am amazed! Thanks for sharing the story.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry