Dear Mr. Spencer,

You said there is no dumb question, so here is mine. You may edit it or whatever for this site if you care to.

I want to know how Mormons go to Chuch, (have a church).

If you talk to them, they say they go to "The Church".

When you drive around town, you see the temples, they speak of wards and steaks, which I do not understand.

Again, when you drive around town, you see churches, lots of different names but churches.

They do not know a One and only One God, or the great I Am. They do not know our precious Lord Jesus Christ, who gives us our Church.

I pray for God to help you with this work and to bless you and yours.

Thank you



A Mormon Ward is about the size of a small church. By that I mean they have a hundred or 200 families. The head of a Ward is the Bishop. A Stake is made up of some ten Wards and is overseen by a Stake President. Several Stakes are a Region and overseen by a Regional Representative. Above them is the Quorum of Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency, made up of the President of the Mormon Church (Gordon B. Hinkley) and his counselors. There are about 100 temples worldwide. The rest of the buildings you see are Ward buildings or Stake buildings.

Jim Spencer