Dear Jim,

I received your newsletter on Saturday. There is a "heart attitude" of mine that I need your council on.

I live in an area that is about 45% Mormon. I have lived here for eleven years now and am preparing to move. I do not want to take this attitude with me. I have been praying about it and asking the Lord to cleanse me heart, but it persists.

The attitude? I care about the average mormon, those who attend the local church, but the leaders (missionaries and bishops) I despise…




Thanks for your nice, open letter requesting help with your heart attitude. Obviously only God can change a heart, but I may be able to say something that will be helpful.

Though it sounds simple, the truth is that we must hate the doctrine of Mormonism while we view those who are caught in it as victims. Sometimes that is hard to do. When I think of my own heart condition and my own natural sinfulness, I find it easier to be forgiving of them. If you or I had been raised in the same circumstances they were, we would doubtless believe what they believe and act like they act.

We have to rise above the resentment we have towards men and direct it to where it really need to be, towards the devil.

I pray that you will be able to do that. I recall that ministry only comes to and through those who are broken.

God bless you,