Hi Jim, remember me!?

I talked to you via email about a year ago. I was all "go" about leaving the church. My husband and I went to talk to the bishop and, well, long story short, we got hurt in a Christian church (was actually one of my kids). After talking to the bishop we decided to stay in the Mormon Church.

Then I received your letter yesterday and read the whole thing and now I have doubts again.... To be honest I havent been reading your newsletters and have been tossing them in the garbage (as recommended by my bishop) but for some reason I read it yesterday.

I dont know why Iam telling you this but Iam...

I cant say where we are going now but I guess we are on a journy again...sigh



Wow, what a story! I am forwarding your email to Sharon. She will be touched that her struggle may be helping someone else.

If there is anything I can do, let me know.

Jim Spencer