I just finished "Heresy Hunters". Even thought I think you are a little bit soft on some of the craziness that's going on (on the TV) in the name of Christ. I wanted to thank you for challenging me. I lean towards the heresy hunter mentality and cried several times while reading your book, thinking that my attitude and motives and actions in the area of apologetics have been un-Christ-like and not as skeptical as I need to be regarding other apologetically minded people/ministries like CRI etc. Your book was a wake up call for me to stick to the issues and truth like Dave Hunt's "Seduction of Christianity" and not to jump to conclusions regarding people as taboo and if I am used by God in the future to make sure I don't use any position or leadership as a vehicle to ruin others ministry--and also Matthew 18!!!

Thanks again! God bless you.

With HIS love,



Thanks for your comments. I probably did go a little overboard in defending men who were wrong on points, but right in principle. Others who understand what I was trying to say still feel like I was a little soft on some silliness.


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It is the follow up to Heresy Hunters.

Thanks for your interest in Through the Maze Ministry.

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Jim Spencer