Sasha 2
I went to your site seeking some assistance. I was thrilled and amazed by the book you wrote "Beyond Mormonism". I emailed you requesting possibly some sort of uplifting Godly recommendation. I found both of your emails to be rude. Here you are on your site trying to preach the TRUE God...and then you go and respond rudely. And not once did you give any advise as to how to approach Mormons and what to say. You could not get past the girl falling in love with non believers thought.

I find it sad that I was filled with joy after stumbling upon your site. I thought WOW this will be beneficial. This guy has been there and done that "so to speak".

Thanks for nothing and thanks for being rude.



Listening to godly counsel from people who care about your welfare, is not your strong suit. Sometimes a slap of reality is better than sappy tears of "affirmation." Your parents, your pastors, the Bible, and now me, _warn_ you, in attempt to save you from a lifetime of the same stuff you are now feeling in this relationship.

Ec 7:5 [It is] better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

Love and best wishes,


ps. I will pull the packet of info I was sending.

Sasha's third