I have truly been educated by the information I have read on your site. In the 1970-80's I was deeply involved in the New Age Movement. I met two Morman missionaries at that time and was amazed at how we held so many similar beliefs, and things that I thought were deeply esoteric and no one else could know, because I had studied in secret schools.

Praise God for His grace through our Lord Jesus Christ! I went through a terrible time and nearly died six times in 1980 as I was being led out of this dangerous time into true repentance and faith on our Lord Jesus Christ. It has taken many years, and I still suffer from much oppression. However, my faith is SOLID and the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior is something I am ever grateful for.

God had given me a love for the missionaries who occasionally knock on my door. I always invite them in and we agree to "study the Truth". I pray most sincerely with them for God to bring the Truth. I was not aware, though, just how deeply their links with the occult and the Free Masons were until I came to your site. It brought back the memory of the things that had come out of the other time with the first missionaries.

I was a Greek student while in college. I use what is left of my Greek knowledge extensively in my Bible studies. What a richness to find out the depth of the meaning of words! Lately I am working in Hebrews. I believe it is in Heb 1:3 where the writer states Jesus is (in the Greek)"the out-raying of God - or the efflugence of His glory" What a remarkable way to show Jesus can no more be separated from the Father than the rays can be separated from the sun! :o) This single passage is so deep, I have not gotten to plumb the depths of it yet.

When the missionaries arrive, I am prepared with something. I will go as far with this as the Lord leads. As long as they keep coming back, they will hear the truth in love, gently and with compassion. I know what it is like to be seduced by Satan and how my mind was so bound. I pray for these young men and ask God to make me a good sower of seeds.

I have been through much in my life, and I could also write a book, perhaps several about my deliverance by the hand of God alone. Today, I am just a grandmother who humbly follows, sometimes stumbles as problems crush me, but I keep on running after my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Love in Christ Jesus - Cynthia


Thanks for your great letter. I'm posting it to the web site. \

Yes, I love the "out-raying" of Hebres 1:3-4.

I pray God's continued blessing on you and delverance from the past.

Thanks for your interest in Through the Maze Ministry.

If you send me your snail address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of phamplets.

Jim Spencer