My ex wife became a Mormon 1 1/2 years ago. She had my children, who were being raised Baptist by me, have now been baptised as Mormons. My children have become strangers to me. My daughter has accused me of molestation and my son has told me that he wants his step father, from a Mormon family but only recently active in church, to be his father.

Both of my children have been locked in a mental health facility withing the past year and are disrespectful to me and my wife. They make phone calls over and over, trying to get me to sign away parental rights. When I ask their mother about this, she says it was "their idea".

Does the Mormon church approve of a divorced parent trying to remove the other parent from the childrens' lives? What is their official position on children of divorce who were previously of another faith?

My children are in need of help and I am confused as to why children so caught up in the Mormon church would behave the way they do.



It is terrifyingly true that Mormonism and Mormon leaders _do_ encourage the kind of thing you bring up. I was deeply touched by your letter. I have had so many like it.

You are confused because you probably have no idea what you are dealing with. To you, Mormonism seems so milk toast and apple-pie. But it is not that at all.

Your job is to educate yourself about this cult. Only after hearing the horror stories of other who have been through what you are going through are you going to be able understand. So, surf through all my web sites and others as well. You can read my own personal story at http://www.beyondmormonism.com

I pray God will give you courage and patience. And I pray that God will not allow your children to be totally separated from you.

Jim Spencer