Dear Mr. Spencer,

I had to email as I just left your website after reading your brief article called "The Brethren are Lying". The Mormon church actually believes that God has plural wives, a physical body like ours, and has parents? If that is what they really teach I am shocked and plan on doing some more research. Should or can I print a copy of this article from your website to ask the missionaries if they are aware of these teachings?


  More from Bill:

Absolutely! You can print anything you want. And that is only the beginning.

Honestly, Bill, this is a very spiritually dangerous cult you are looking into. They tell lots of stuff, but the truth is Mormonism sucks the life out of people and leave cute, clean-cut shells behind.

Of course, they will deny everything and even have a few plausible sounding answers, but everything on my site is documented. See:

Aso see:

This is the land of double-speak. You have fallen down a rabbit-hole, but it is not too late to save yourself the heartache. I sent the book earlier today. I should have sent in priority instead of media mail. You can get a start on it online, however. The whole book is there free to download.

and there are several more books.

Also, you can ask me specific questions.

I'm praying you will postpone joining the Mormon Church until you are well-read on the subject. There is a reason that most evey Evangelical denominations sees Mormonism as a dangerous cult.

If they say to you, "Well, if you want to know about Mormonism, just ask a Mormon..." Reply to that, "If I wanted to know about Communism, would I ask Fidel Castro or Alexander Solzhenitsyn?"

Hang in there.