Dear Mr. Spencer,

I just wanted to tell you Thank you Thank you Thank you for your book, Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately. About a month or so ago, my daughter and her husband told me that they had been attending the Mormon church for 3 months. I got your book from the church library, read it, watched God Makers and stuff. Well we just panicked.

My husband and I did everything that we could do to try to convince them that they were going down the wrong path. I gave her your book and told her to read it.

Well within the next week she called me and thanked me for making her read it. She has studied and studied and now has decided that she needs to tackle the people that tried to brainwash her. She has become much more solid in her own beliefs, radically so. She told me about your website, and says that she has already written you thanking you. Her name is Jennifer.

Thanks so much for helping me to keep them straight (and to protect the lives of my grandchildren as well) Your book has changed our lives. I intend to learn more too, I guess all I need to do now is to ask her...

Very truly,


Dear Mr. Spencer,

We would like to thank you for writing "Have you Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?" We recently considered joining the Mormon church! It seems so crazy now that I look back on it.

They made themselves appear to believe the very same things that we do. They put on the mask of this perfect church and everything we wanted to hear they told us. I am so angry and hurt that we almost wanted to raise up our baby girl in this church! After reading your book (which my mother pleaded for me to read) I cannot believe that they covered up all of the things that the church was really built upon!

I am so enraged because they are misleading thousands of Christians everywhere! They are literally wolves in sheep's clothing. And we were spared because of the way that you shed light on the part of the mormon maze we could not see. The part that they claim is just rumors intended to keep people away from the "truth".

We owe so much to you, because you have led us back to the Bible where the only truth can be found.

Thank You.

Jennifer and Family

Jennifer and all,

Thanks for the nice letter. I'm going to put it on my web site (not your last name or address). Also, I just heard from your Mom. She's excited and so am I. I'll send you a packet of information you may find useful and put you on the mailing list to receive my newsletter.

Jim Spencer


Thanks for your nice letter. I heard from your daughter.

So nice when we hear positive results. We are posting your letter and that of your daughter on the web site (no last names or addresses).

Thanks again,

JIm Spencer