Thanks for the update. You almost had me recanting, until I saw through your ploy. Boy, you guys go to any length don't you, to defend the indefensible. Oh well, it was like that when I met you years ago. Why should it have changed?

You apparently don't know what a "rate" is. (I say that tongue in cheek, because you doubtless know exactly what you are doing.)

You say: "30 states have higher _rates_ than Utah." Of course that is not true--has never been true. Child abuse continues to be, as Utah sociologists repeatedly avow "blackly pessimistic." (as I quoted Gerald Smith, a caseworker with the Child Welfare Unit in Salt Lake County, [now twenty years ago]: "I'm just blackly pessimistic about it. Lack of maturity and selfishness are pandemic.") (The Idaho Falls Post-Register, June 27, 1982)

Anyway, your 2001 numbers help keep the facts alive. But, how you expect anyone to miss your tortured logic, I don't know. Your numbers show Utah as reporting a total of just more than one percent of all child abuse cases in the United States. And you point out that California had _thirteen percent_!

Of course, Utah has only three quarters of one percent of the US population within its borders. While, California has more than _fifteen_ percent of the population.

Nevertheless, the average _rate_ of reported child abuse for the US as a whole is 6.34 per 1,000 population. Utah's rate is 130% of that--8.13--while California's is 115% percent of that--7.30. That makes California higher than the national average, but not as high as Utah, which remains, I repeat, "_consistently higher_ than the national average." In fact, according to your own figures, only _eleven_ states have higher _rates_ of child abuse than Utah. And, of course, Kansas has a child abuse rate only one-fifth that of Utah. New York, New Jersey, the District of Columbia--they all have lower rates than Utah.

Don't think I don't appreciate your help on this Don. I always appreciate it when people do my leg work for me. :) I'll be sure to give you credit when I post this to the web site. Are you still in Ogden?


p.s. You can see your handiwork online.