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U.K. scientists say 2005 hottest ever

LONDON, Dec. 16 (UPI) -- British scientists have calculated 2005 was the warmest year on record in the Northern Hemisphere, at least since records began being kept in the 1860s.

The United Kingdom's Met Office and the University of East Anglia say the data indicate more evidence of human-induced global warming, the BBC reported Friday.

The average temperature during 2005 in the Northern Hemisphere was 0.65 C above the average for 1961-90 -- the baseline against which scientists compare temperatures. The Northern Hemisphere Atlantic Ocean has also been the hottest on record.

"The data also show that the sea surface temperature in the northern hemisphere Atlantic is the highest since 1880," said David Viner, from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Viner says no measurements of average temperature can be completely accurate and the team's calculations are subject to an error of about 0.1 C, however, the long-term trend is clearly upwards.

"It's simple physics; more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, emissions growing on a global basis and consequently increasing temperatures," Viner told the BBC.

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Global warming may be a fact. But "science" like this drives me crazy. You might want to try, a project of the "Cooler Heads Coalition," for an honest evaluation of global warming. If you enjoy good conspiracy theories, you should read Michael Crichton's Climate of Fear, (Harper-Collins, 1004).

There are two problems with the news article. First is the assumption that science could really know what "the average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere" is. They can't know what it was in 2005, and they certainly can't know it was a 150 years ago.

I mean, the atmosphere of the Norther Hemisphere is a swirling mass of air covering millions of square miles. If you accurately recorded the temperature in a hundred locations for a year and averaged them, you would be discounting thousands and thousands of other locations where the temperatures were not recorded.* Now try and tell me that you could cite accurate temperature measurments from 150 years ago in enough locations to give you the North American Average. That's just crazy. The scientist cited in the article admits they can't be completely accurate, but says they are within one-tenth of a degree centigrade. That's ridiculous. If they were within ten degrees it would be a miracle.

Secondly, look at the accuracy science is specifying: the average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere in 2005 is just more than one-half degree above the 30-year-average from 1961-1990. Half a degree! I would challenge anybody who told me they knew the temperature of any place on earth to within a half a degree from 1960--let alone 1860!

The scientist reveals the real source for his statements when he says, "It's simple physics..." Yeah, well, physics may be simple, but guessing the average temperature of the Northern Hemisphere 150 years ago is not simple; rather, it's impossible. And, just this week, I heard a news story that said a study has proven that particulate matter in the asmosphere from pollution actually scatters the sunlight striking the earth and _lowers_ global temperatures.

The bottom line of much science--from evolution to astrophysics--is politics and regligion (the religion of atheism). The assumption by the scientific community is that the bad old United States of America is polluting the world, the sky is falling (oops, I mean the temperature is rising), and we are doomed.

Well, it may be true. But until there is real science that is unpoliticized, I will remain a skeptic. I have seen it too often: "There must be people living on other planets in the universe, therefore there must be other planets in the universe outside our solar system. Yeah, I think there probably are such planets. Problem is, no one has ever seen one! Oh, they have seen stars wobble and extrapolated such planets, but not even the Hubble telescope is powerful enough to resolve a planet orbiting the nearest star to our own. In fact, science really does not have a consistent theory about how the planets in our own solar system were formed.

Science is supposed to be more than political guesswork and proselytizing.

(If you enjoyed this article, see my book Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda," where I take up such subjects as the Gay Rights Movement, Curbside Recycling, The Engery Crisis, and other such popular theories that are fortified with huge doses of junk science.

*In fact, as I write this, a news story is airing saying that officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have decided to move the official temperature recording station inland from Lake Michegan so that tourists will perceive Milwaukee as warmer in the summer time and thus more inviting.

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